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Business Opportunity

After 16 years of battles, and approaching my 61st birthday, I've decided it's time to hang up my camo clothing and relax on the weekends, so I'm putting North Island Battlefield up for sale.

It's a great business as a “side gig”, or even as your main source of income, I haven't had a job for years. It really depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it, but there is a very real chance of making your money back in as little as a year, not too many businesses where that is the case.

I've run the business as a mobile operation, but originally (as some people may remember) I started with a battlefield in Black Creek, and the business model works both ways, or as a blend of the two, and most of the kit has an indoor setting as well to give even more options.

In the beginning I employed part-time staff, but for the past 14 years I've done everything myself and just worked as hard as I wanted to, which wasn't very hard. I rarely advertised, almost all my business has been repeat bookings and referrals so there is enormous scope to grow. Covid put a real dent in the business with all the shutdowns, but this year things have rebounded nicely as people are able to get out and do things together again.

Birthdays are a big part of the business, along with schools and youth groups, with corporate and special events like Ladysmith Days or the Mini World Cup making up the balance.

What is included:

48 working laser taggers in various models

Zombie units

Accessory boxes for different games

Spare parts


Helmets, caps and bush hats

An assortment of camo uniforms

Training on the equipment

3 months technical support

The business name and website, ranked #1 in searches for laser tag

Digital files for logo artwork etc


Price- $50 000 including relevant taxes.


Anyone interested can contact me by email, or by calling 250-202-3484.


In the meantime, don't worry, it's business as usual, I'll keep soldiering on.