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Outdoor laser tag

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About Outdoor Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a non-contact combat game, similar to air soft or paintball, but without the bruises and mess as there are no projectiles. Our taggers shoot up to 500 feet, and are more accurate as they are not affected by the wind. There is no minimum age limit, you just have to be big enough to carry the "weapon".

First of all, although they are called laser taggers there are no actual lasers involved, the taggers are infra-red, similar to your TV remote control, but more powerful and focused, and completely safe.

The standard laser taggers in use at North Island Battlefield have a range of up to 150m in daylight, which offers the chance to play at more realistic ranges than alternatives like airsoft. The equipment can be programmed to suit the needs of all ages and abilities, from simple shoot'em ups to emulations of actual weapons or even your choice of weapon from your favourite video game. Combined with our "battle boxes" that allow for extra ammo, respawns, and "Domination" or "Capture the Flag" games the options are almost endless. There is even a "zombie" setting!

As a mobile operation I come to you for your event, give instruction on how the equipment works and run all the games. You can play on your own property if you have enough space, or in any other suitable area. The ideal spot has enough cover to hide behind, but isn't so overgrown as to make movement difficult, and has easily recognisable boundaries. If you don't have a location in mind don't worry, I have several spots that I use regularly.

One of the new features introduced recently is a proper "Indoor" power option which eliminates "bounce" from walls etc when playing inside, so locations such as schools, office blocks or warehouses are ideal for when the weather isn't co-operating..