North Island Battlefield

Outdoor laser tag

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Our armoury


A look at our equipment

The "Commando" is a long range weapon, capable of shooting over 200m in daylight. It's big and heavy, but in the right circumstances gives a huge advantage over other players.




The "Scorpion" is the mainstay of our armoury. It has a range of about 150m. It weighs 2.5kg/5.5lbs, and can be programmed to simulate everything from a musket to a machine gun.






The Stinger is my other main weapon. It's bigger than the Scorpion, has comparable performance, but the extendable stock can add to the accuracy of your shooting.




These boxes can be set to act as Flags, Ammo boxes for when you are running low, and Respawn boxes to get you back into the game when you die. The setting will depend on the games being played and they are for more advanced games which take a little longer, so won't necessarily be a feature in all games.





This is my Mini Gun. There's nothing "mini" about it, and you don't want to be on the wrong end of it!