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Some frequently asked questions about Laser Tag

What is included?

With North Island Battlefield you get all inclusive: 
• Newly updated taggers (100-150 metres range, configurable to semi-automatic, fully-automatic etc., and much, much more) 
• Massive amount of ammunition
• A variety of games, fully supervised, 

What do I bring?

Dress for the weather, we play rain or shine. For safety you are strongly advised to wear shoes that fully cover your feet. Long sleeves and trousers are also advisable if you want to avoid scratches, and a water bottle is a good idea in the summer. If you have pollen allergies come prepared during the pollen season. Make sure you bring completed and appropriately signed waiver forms if you are under 16 and unable to sign on your own behalf. 


What if it rains?

The taggers are water resistant, and kids are waterproof, so we carry on unless there is a storm where there is a risk of lightning strikes or falling trees. If we have to abandon play for safety reasons you will receive a refund pro-rata on time. Playing in the rain is very authentic, and there is no extra charge made for the extra realism!


Do you have an overall health status or do you just die after taking a hit?

You have a health status which drops every time you are hit, and different enemy weapons can deliver a different number of hit points. In a beginners game this is usually 10 hit points, but it can be altered to suit the game or scenario. The lower the number the more realistic it is, but it’s also harder. Also in some games you get a number of "respawns", either automatically or by going back to base to the respawn box, and each game is fully explained before we start.

How do you die? 

Your tagger and vest sensors register each time you have been hit and let you know by yelling “Ouch”! When you’ve used up all your lives your tagger stops working and gives a “death scream”, so there is no cheating! The tagger also stops working if you run out of ammunition, so aim carefully! If you run out of ammo it's the same as being dead, you're out of the game, (unless we are playing a game with ammo restore points). One of the new improvements is the sound of a bullet whizzing past your ear from a near miss as a warning that someone has you in their sights.


Once you die is that it, the end of your game?

Depending on the scenario being played when you die you can make your way back to a referee or one of our new "Medic" boxes to get "re-spawned" or resurrected so you can re-join the game as a reinforcement. If you are playing a “Death Match” you are dead until the end of the game, but “Death Matches” are usually over pretty quickly. We want to make sure you spend the maximum time playing.

How do I know I have hit someone?

Generally you can hear the “ouch” noise the opponents taggers make when the player is hit. Also the sensors have a bright LED that flash each time the player is hit, and stay lit when a player is dead. These lights are not always easy to see in bright sunlight but in dull conditions or at night you can see them hundreds of metres away. One of the new features is the ability, once you die, to scroll through a list of who hit you so you can pay them back in the next game.


If there is anything you else you'd like to ask please go to the Contact page for information on how to reach me.