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Youth groups also get school pricing as applicable.


Field trip

I'll meet you at the chosen location, get everyone kitted up and briefed, then run through a series of  games, each a little more challenging than the last. You should allow 30 mins or so on top of your chosen playing time for getting everyone kitted up, instructions, pictures etc.

The usual cost is $16 for an hour, $23 for 90 mins, BUT if you have at least 25 players you get the school rate of $14 and $21(including tax) and the teacher plays for free! 


On site

Instead of bringing your class to me to play laser tag I can come to your school and give more classes the chance to play. Each class gets an hour to come out and play, and the playing area can be inside or outside, so weather isn't an issue. All you need is an area with stuff to hide behind to play in - gym mats, trees and bushes, empty appliance boxes etc, or I can bring blinds to set up a course, for an additional charge to cover the time required for setting up and dismantling. Whichever you choose you should have  1 to 2 obstacles for each child playing to reduce the risk of collisions. Each class will get 4x 10 minute games.

The cost is $10 per child and the teacher plays for free! 


Fundraisers etc

For school fairs/fundraisers/grad parties the cost is $14 per tagger per hour, with a minimum 10 taggers and 3 hours. I can provide blinds to set up a battlefield for an additional charge.

Alternatively you could opt for the "Sniper Alley" micro arena at $100 per hour.